Introduction to the Standards

MUNet aims to promote and support the implementation, development and growth of midwifery units. We want midwifery units to become the main care pathway for healthy women with straightforward pregnancies

We have worked with the European Midwives Association (EMA) to develop the Midwifery Unit Standards, to provide the quality assurance necessary to scale up the implementation of midwifery units across Europe. The Standards aim to improve the quality of maternity care, reduce variability in practice and facilitate a bio-psycho-social model of care.

The Midwifery Unit Standards are designed for providers of midwifery unit care to self-assess their provision against key quality criteria and to plan service improvements.

The Standards can be used by anyone who is setting up, running, or working in a midwifery unit. They are also relevant for those who are responsible for the organisation of national, regional and local health services and allocating resources; and also for those providing support to a midwifery unit, such as ambulance services and obstetric unit clinicians and service managers.

You can download a copy of the Midwifery Unit Standards here

Official Translations of the Midwifery Unit Standards

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