We are holding a logo competition! And there is a £50 Pinter and Martin book token for the winner! 


We need your help to create a logo to convey what the Midwifery Unit Network is all about. We’d love to hear from you if you have any creative ideas. Calling out to all graphic artists, birth centre enthusiasts, midwifery students and service user supporters. We got some wonderful ideas from our first appeal before our London Launch, but unfortunately there was no outright winner and we didn’t feel we had the right image. 

We would like the logo to:

  • Reflect the values underpinning birth centre care
  • possibly convey a network, and be
  • simple and clear, so easy to reproduce and recognise.

Please submit a photograph or scanned image of your design for a Midwifery Unit Network logo by Sunday 10th July to info@midwiferyunitnetwork.com with your name and address, occupation, email and telephone number(s).  

Also, please provide a short statement (max 200 words) about the message your logo is designed to convey and explain your ideas behind the look and feel of the image.  The co-founders will ask the MUNet advisory group members to select a suitable image from a shortlist of entries to inform the commissioning brief given to a graphic artist for creating the final image. Please make the subject of your email MUNet Logo competition.   If you have any queries please contact us via info@midwiferyunitnetwork.com

Thank you, in anticipation….




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